Chef Jeremie achieves French cuisine success through his unique and fair management style

At Restaurant Jeremie, a French cuisine restaurant in Paris, team spirit is a key aspect in achieving customer satisfaction and success. Chef Jeremie achieves team spirit amongst his team members by applying some simple principles that he has learned during his years in the industry. Chef Jeremie strongly believes that working within a team doesn’t automatically make someone an integral part of it. He believes that all new team members need to be trained, coached and nurtured – and this is something that he is certainly good at.

Chef Jeremie has acquired most of his experience from his early career start. At just 16 years old he realised his passion for French cuisine and started working in the industry. With patience, motivation and tenacity he managed to climb the ladder, one rung at a time and now manages his own current team in much the same manner.

Chef Jeremie believes the following attributes are essential for those looking to follow a career in French cuisine: 

  • An evident passion and talent for French cuisine.
  • Being a team player and willing to work as a team, constantly.
  • The ability to work under the immense pressure that a restaurant in Paris presents. This means handling large influxes of guests that want to be served efficiently.
  • The ability to create dishes from scratch, on demand and 100% according to the waiter’s description. Nothing in Restaurant Jeremie is prepared in advance. He demands that 100% of guests are 100% satisfied every time. Only team work can achieve this.

How does Chef Jeremie achieve a smooth operating French cuisine restaurant? 

First and foremost, Chef Jeremie personally handles all operations like an orchestra. While he is head of culinary functions, he also handles efficiency and synchronisation and ensures a good spirited mood is maintained in the kitchen and restaurant at all times. While Chef Jeremie is fair in his management style, he ensures that each team member has his own task and is accountable for the execution thereof. He strongly believes that each of his team members need to view their job as a personal challenge and it is this way of thinking that will boost the overall reputation of the restaurant in Paris. He sets about achieving this by training his team how to execute, react and act on a daily basis.

The success and reputation of Restaurant Jeremie

To ensure that the patrons of Restaurant Jeremie are always satisfied, Chef Jeremie cultivates a home-team spirit which he personally teaches and inspires. By making each and every staff member accountable for their function in the French cuisine process and patron satisfaction, Chef Jeremie has earned his restaurant in Paris great success. His staff members are efficient and complete tasks with a smile on their faces. His personal supervision of bistronomic cuisines and team spirit inspiration certainly boosts the atmosphere in the restaurant and kitchen.

Patrons can enjoy a meal in Restaurant Jeremie that is efficiently handled. Chef Jeremie himself pays visits to his patron’s tables to ensure all is well and to find out if there is anything that can be done to improve the patron experience. He is open to suggestions and constructive criticism and takes them to heart by enthusiastically implementing changes and improvements as the opportunities present themselves. Patrons to his restaurant in Paris can experience a comfortable atmosphere and passionate service which is surely indicative of clear and concise management combined with good food and value for money.

The success of Restaurant Jeremie is evident by the various positive and enthusiastic comments that patrons have posted on social networks. It comes as no surprise that Restaurant Jeremie is ranked #80 among 12 000 restaurants in Paris on Trip Advisor. This is a great success especially as Chef Jeremie only opened his French cuisine restaurant one and a half years ago.

More about Chef Jeremie’s management style

Chef Jeremie personally grades the skills and dedication of each of his staff members. He treats his staff complement like a family and gets to know their strengths and weaknesses so that he can integrate them into his restaurant staff complement. He does this to ensure the very best restaurant experience for his patrons.

Working in a French cuisine restaurant in Paris is a challenging and demanding job. Employees are expected to work in hot temperatures, stand for long periods of time and often work long shifts. Chef Jeremie understands the challenges of his team members and works hard to manage these to eliminate as much discomfort as possible.

He has the following management principles in place which apply to each of his restaurant team members:

  • All team members must carry out tasks and functions as if they actually own the restaurant.
  • He bases his promotion decisions on how each member advances up the career ladder, much the same as he did when he started out as a chef.
  • While each staff member must perform to the best of their ability, it is the success of the team that is of vital importance to the restaurant in Paris.
  • Patron satisfaction is the utmost importance to the restaurant and must be achieved at all costs.
  • As a team, the aim must be to create a patron experience that will have French cuisine enthusiasts returning to the restaurant once more.

This particular management style and approach has earned Chef Jeremie a dedicated and passionate team of loyal and faithful members. All of the team members are familiar with Chef Jeremie’s success story and want to be a part of his future so that their success stories may be similar. As a collective unit, the team understands and respects his management style.

Chef Jeremie opened his restaurant in Paris to offer patrons a perfectly managed French bistronomic cuisine experience combined with unfailing good service. Just a few months after opening his French cuisine restaurant, he received a 2-fork grading at the Michelin and a 1-chef hat grading the Gault & Millau guides.

It goes without saying that patrons to Restaurant Jeremie will have more than just a satisfying experience – they will get the whole French cuisine package! To enjoy a delightful culinary experience at an up and coming French cuisine restaurant in Paris, pay a visit to Restaurant Jeremie or book your table today.