Four tips for making desserts from a fine lunch restaurant in Paris

No meal is complete without a well-rounded dessert. Most people enjoy a decadent treat after a great meal, which is why you need to brush up on your dessert making skills. Here are some tips from Chef Jeremie, the renowned chef from JEREMIE RESTAURANT:

Try a new twist on a traditional dessert

Many desserts are timeless, such as crème brûlée meringues, cheesecake and soufflés. While some chefs can make them better than others, it’s not very inspired to just use the same recipe over and over again. One thing that can set your dessert apart from the rest is by incorporating a new twist on a traditional dessert recipe. Try to incorporate unique sugar coatings, frosting, a side dish of an interestingly flavoured ice cream or even fruit to make your dessert unique and memorable.

Use fresh, seasonal produce

Not only does fresh, seasonal produce force you to buy local and give your guests the best ingredients that are available, but it can also inspire some creativity. Visit your local farmer’s market and buy fruits that are in season to add to your dessert.

Experiment with healthier alternatives

Diabetes and obesity is a problem throughout the world. If you’re inviting guests who are diabetic or a bit wary of eating too much sugar, try to halve the sugar content of your recipe. You can also experiment with low fat versions and fresh fruit (or even yoghurt instead of ice cream) for healthier dessert alternatives.

Handy pastry tips

If you’re making a pastry dessert, remember that dough with yeast needs to be prepared in two separate stages (during the second stage, the dough needs to be placed in a warm environment to assist fermentation). Don’t skip the smaller steps in between creating your dessert pastry as this can affect the outcome of your dessert.

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