How to find the best products for your cooking

Why does your DIY meal taste different from the one you had at a top restaurant in Paris? Cooking methods and experience can make a difference, but many times it’s the actual ingredients and products used in creating the meals which sets it apart from one that is made at home.

Chef Jeremie’s supply usually includes a range of local, fresh produce which is sourced from the top suppliers in Paris. While you can make a huge difference to your meals and desserts by sourcing fresh ingredients, there are a few other tricks you can keep in mind to take your dishes and desserts to the next level.

Anchovies in Italian dishes

To add an extra bit of authentic Italian saltiness to your meal, consider adding anchovies to the sauce of your Italian dish. Anchovy paste is also a great alternative to sea salt when preparing sautéed greens, marinades and pastas. Another good addition to Italian dishes is fennel pollen, which is very aromatic and can be added to olive oil for the bread dip which you serve before your meal.

Crumb with rice

Grinding Arborio rice and using it to crumb foods you want to fry can make your fried foods taste even better. This type of rice caramelises faster and it helps to prevent overcooking when you are preparing delicate foods. Another good tip is to use celery along with fried foods to neutralise a fried meal.


Cinnamon doesn’t only go with desserts. Use this spice with braised meats and stews to add more depth.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is either imported from Greece or Italy. Depending on the food combination result he his willing to finally to get.

For a bitter & sour taste, use a Greek one; to get a fruitier & softer select an Italian origin.

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