French food: Recipe of the month

Magret of duck of Challans, hazelnut butter celeriac mousseline, marinated and crispy celeriac.

If you’re interested in French food, then the best place to start is by trying out new dishes for yourself. Chef Jeremie has been specialising in French food for a number of years and he offers internationally renowned culinary experiences at his restaurant in France.

This month’s blog post focuses on giving you the opportunity to try out a new recipe at home. Follow this step-by-step guide to make Magret of duck of Challans, hazelnut butter celeriac mousseline, marinated and crispy celeriac:

For 4 :

Ingredients :
  1. 2 magrets of duck
  2. 1 celeriac
  3. 33 fl oz of milk
  4. 3.6 oz of butter
  5. 17 oz of duck juice
  6. Cooking oil, salt, pepper.

Recipe :

  • Wash & peel celeriac. Cut it according to a regular dice shape . Put aside a quarter of celeriac to be used for chips & marinated shavings.
  • Put all together celeriac, milk, & half quantity of selected butter in a pan for 1.15 hour cooking time.
  • Strain celeriac in a sieve. Then blend it.
  • Remove the extra fat and nerves of the magrets, season them with salt & pepper. Start cooking in a hot & fatless fry pan on the skin side to get a nice coloration.
  • Turn the other side over, put magrets into the oven for about 3 to 5 minutes according to your cooking taste.
  • Leave magrets a few minutes.
  • Cut some celeriac shavings in using a slicer.
  • Marinate half of shavings with a dash of olive oil. The other half to be fried to get the chips.


Chef Jeremie removing extra fat & nerves.
Chef Jeremie removing extra fat & nerves.




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Chef Jeremie focuses on the top chefs who influenced his current cooking style

When it comes to cooking, all chefs are influenced by numerous things. Whether it’s their background, world travels, education or mentors they met along the way, these influences shape everything from the flavours they prefer to the dishes they create.

Chef Jeremie’s Cuisine is an example of renowned French gastronomy. His style of cooking stems from his vast experience and his passion for cooking.  Chef Jeremie considers his job as a chef to be a calling, not simply a means to an end.

Jeremie’s personality is obvious in each and every dish you may order at this bistronomic restaurant. The food you taste and experience at this restaurant is anything but ordinary and focuses on giving clients a complete culinary experience, rather than merely offering interesting French dishes.

Jeremie draws from a variety of inspirations to create talented dishes and he can suggest a wide variety of courses. Generosity and conviviality is his motto.

A good chef has to stay updated about current cooking trends. In a few words he has to keep an eye open to trendy dishes. Chef Jeremie suggests a seasonal menu, not fashioned, but simply contemporary and inspired.

Chef Jeremie’s inspiration comes as well from internationally renowned chefs who he had the opportunity of working with. These chefs share similar philosophies regarding Contemporary French Bistronomic Cuisine:

Thierry Sombardier and Alexandre Bourdas Cuisines are his references for appetisers and main courses. Alexandre Bourdas is the chef of Sa Qua Na in Honfleur. His training includes cuisine school, watching and learning from his mother and grandmother as well as working at many 2 and 3 Michelin star restaurants. Alexandre believes that good food, good wine and good friends are the core of any great dining experience.

Yann Couvreur inspires Jeremie for desserts.  Yann Couvreur inspires Jeremie for a part of desserts. While Yann is only 30 years old, he has become an increasingly popular French chef over the past few years. His training includes three years at the Tecomah School and his experience includes working at the Trianon Palace, Carré des Feuillants and Park Hyatt. During this time, his mentor was Jean-François Fouche, who taught him a more intricate and complex was of patisserie. He currently creates custom-made patisserie from scratch and his signature dish is a cloud-like meringue.

Basically, most of Chef Jeremie’s references come from his 10 years’ experience, where during this period he worked at Le Carré des Feuillants and Le Violon D’ingres in Paris during.

The above-mentioned chefs aren’t the only ones who inspire Jeremie – every single day he takes note of details to build up his accomplished Cuisine. Have your next meal there, you will see Jeremie leaves nothing to chance as he tries to impress each and every client who visits his restaurant.

Inspiration, talent, passion and hard work have made JEREMIE RESTAURANT a particularly high cuisine place value for money.

French food : About Jeremie Tourdjman’s signature dish

Fine dining is all about putting a new spin on traditional favourites – and that’s exactly what Jeremie Tourdjman set out to achieve when he opened his restaurant in Paris. Only a few short months after opening the doors of JEREMIE restaurant, the famous fish soup was presented to guests and clientele.

The fish soup, which is loved by many people from all corners of the globe, has become a signature dish at JEREMIE restaurant. Jeremie has succesfully reinvented the classic menu item according to his tastes and standards, leading it to become a much-loved bistronimic dish.

French cuisine at its finest

The fish soup is served with saffron-flavoured potatoes. Upon tasting this unique combination, one is reminded of the tastes and flavours that one would experience during a summer on the French riviera. Jeremie Tourdjman’s goal with his fish soup dish was to give diners an authentic sensation of being on vacation in the South of France, even though they are still in Paris.

The dish is made with Mediterranean sea fishes exclusively and has been called “the best of Paris”, according to Mr Thibault Leclerc, a regular customer at JEREMIE restaurant and the former manager of the Bottin Gourmand.

Accompanying the fish soup is a variety of fish fillets, a scorpion fish, surmullet and sea bream, which is expertly prepared each day in order to ensure absolute freshness and a mouth watering experience. Soft garlic croutons, grated Gruyère cheese and spicy home made mayonnaise made with red peppers will also be at your disposal with the fish soup dish. Preparing this meal lis time-consuming and requires dedication and patience, but the recipe has been mastered in order to create a perfect balance of tastes and flavours.

This signature dish is a perfect expression of a great French Bistronomic Cuisine experience. Come and visit us to experience one of the best restaurants in Paris.

Cooking chef insights from Jeremie Tourdjman

Jeremie Tourdjman

As one of the top cooking chefs in France, Jeremie Tourdjman pays attention to detail when it comes to choosing ingredients for his dishes. In order to ensure that only the best, freshest and tasty ingredients find their way into his menu items, he has formed strong partners with leading suppliers throughout the country.

What makes Jeremie’s food worthy of being rated as one of the best places to eat by TripAdvisor is not only the fact that he sources great ingredients. His French cuisine cooking style is unique, combining two core concepts : classicism and modernity. Each concept is needed in order to bring French recipes to life and Jeremie has mastered the fine art of retaining the most inspiring aspects of both classicism and modernity and masterfully creating dishes based on this foundation.

With his modern day view on traditional French favourites, Jeremie has created a timeless establishment that is not only award-winning, but offers the type of cosy, comfy and sociable atmosphere that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a Michelin Guide 2015 rated restaurant. When you visit the restaurant, you can expect traditional French gastronomy dishes that have been revisited with a more contemporary outlook and flair.

About the French dishes

The dishes change along with the seasons in France, giving people a taste of true French culture. Depending on the time of year that you visit the restaurant, you could expect anything from sauteed foie-gras with a port and sherry vinegar sauce infused with tonka beans to hake casserole with mushrooms and dried apricots that have been seasoned with cream and Lautrec pink garlic. All dishes are presented in tasteful, imaginative ways.

Jeremie has been specialising in bistronomic cuisine for many years. These dishes are often blinspired by Southern flavours. During summer, diners and clientele can expect summer vegetables, lemon from Menton, baby lamb from the Pyrenees, Luberon asparagus and strawberries from Carpentras. Dishes that have inspired and astouded both casual diners, foodies and connaisseurs include roasted Irish grouse that have been flambéed with Cognac, potatoes cooked and grilled in an exquisite offal sauce and the hare à la Royale.

Find out more about fantastic French cuisine.

Best chefs : about Jeremie Tourdjman’s restaurant

In 2013, one of the best chefs – Jeremie Tourdjman – opened the doors of his own restaurant. Jeremie was only 27 at the time, but his passion for French cuisine and great food laid the perfect foundation to open a leading restaurant that continues to inspire guests, food critics as well as fellow chefs.

Jeremie has a talent for expressing French bistronomic cuisine in unique ways. He travels throughout France as well as abroad has given him the insights and experience that is needed to reinvent traditional dessert recipes and french recipes and create menu items that mix the old with the new, the traditional with the modern and the simple with the complex.

Why people prefer bistronomic cuisines

Bistronomic cuisines is taking the restaurant industry by storm. Many of the leading chefs around the world are committed to offering top-class, Michelin worthy means, but without the stiffness that is generally associated with top-end restaurants. These types of restaurants offer industry-leading meals in a relaxed, comfortable environment where friends and family can get together and enjoy fantastic food.

Top rated French cuisine

Jeremie’s bistronomic restaurant is located next to the Trocadero in the upmarket and vibrant neighbourhood between Kleber avenue and Place d’lena, near the famous Arc de Triomphe.

The restaurant has a contemporary style and careful consideration was given to each decorative item and table placement. The minimalist style is inviting and the menu items include a variety of lunch and dinner options.

The Bistronomic Cuisine is a Michelin Guide 2015 listed restaurant and it has been rated as one of the top 50 restaurants (out of 13,600 establishments) in Paris by TripAdvisor.

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