Chef Jeremie removing extra fat & nerves.

Fine dining in Paris: What is a Bistronomic Restaurant?

Bistronomic cuisine was born when talented chefs became bored with the stuffy style, pomp and splendour surrounding top French restaurants but still wanted to offer top-quality, seasonal food – and the result was bistronomic cuisine. It is summed up as casual fine dining and is the combination of bistro-style eating and gastronomical fare. The key words associated with a bistronomic restaurant are “experimental,” “haute cuisine” and “affordable.” Bistronomic restaurants are renowned for using innovative cooking techniques and ingredients and for having chefs who are more accessible to their patrons.

While fancier and more traditional French restaurants are rated with Michelin stars, an age-old grading system, the bistronomic movement has its own guide – Le Fooding. Founded in 2000 by Alexandre Cammas and Emmanuel Rubin, the idea behind Le Fooding is that eating is an experience which combines both food and feeling. Significantly, there is no rating system.

It is also common to have an open-kitchen layout and communal tables in bistronomic restaurants, giving a more informal feel and adding a sense of freedom to the eating experience. In fact, bistronomic restaurants have been said to have revolutionised eating in France and the trend has spread globally like wildfire.

One such bistronomic restaurant is Chef Jeremie Tourdjman’s, RESTAURANT JEREMIE in Paris, France. His gastro-bistro falls firmly into the bistronomic category and it offers a combination of friendly ambience with light and flavourful cuisine. Situated close to the Arc de Triomphe in central Paris, the restaurant combines classic and modern minimalist décor which echoes the bistronomic fare and creates a sense of timelessness.

RESTAURANT JEREMIE will not disappoint and foodies across the globe will be enamoured by its traditional cuisine offered in such a contemporary style. Chef Jeremie imaginatively revamps sauces and side dishes and uses only high-quality, seasonal produce.

If the bistronomic trend has whet your appetite, book a table at RESTAURANT JEREMIE in Paris today

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