IMG_0495October 2015

Chef Jeremie Tourdjman, owner and master chef of JEREMIE RESTAURANT, received a rave review and another Point from Gault Millau in October. Jeremie Tourdjman has pioneered luxurious bistro inspired foods according to Gault Millau, who was most impressed with JEREMIE RESTAURANT. He has succeeded Roland Durand and has done so without trying to imitate the work of his opponents. Furthermore, it is Gault Millau’s opinion that he does so flawlessly.

It is for this very reason that the JEREMIE RESTAURANT has received its second Gault Millau Point. These points are awarded according to the quality of the food and other aspects such as service, atmosphere and price are graded separately. Obtaining Gault Millau points proves to be quite the undertaking as grading takes place solely on the quality of the food.

JEREMIE RESTAURANT is a smart casual bistro which fills the street with a charm second to none. What can you expect from their extraordinary menu? Ravioli of langoustine, or sweetbreads sautéed in frozen vegetable juice and wonderfully prepared salmon are only some of the delectable options.

Good classic desserts include options such as brioche toast soaked in a wonderful yarrow salted butter caramel sauce. There is also an attractive lunch menu and not to mention a wine cellar to cater for every palette.

Ultimately, Chef Jeremie aims to create one of the finest restaurants in Paris. Reviews on the JEREMIE RESTAURANT claim one will always find the service to be friendly and professional and that what sets JEREMIE Restaurant apart from the rest, is its unique atmosphere which creates a relaxed, alluring environment.

At JEREMIE RESTAURANT, they believe in only the best quality ingredients. That’s why all the ingredients are locally sourced. The menu therefore changes with the season. However, the menu is set according to diverse tastes and textures which complement one another, ensuring you always receive a unique, beautifully prepared dish from JEREMIE RESTAURANT.

Thus it is the opinion of Gault Millau that JEREMIE RESTAURANT is a top-quality, unique addition to the restaurant scene in Paris.

Chef Jeremie Tourdjman commented on receiving the above award: “We’re pleased to have won this award, it’s a testament to our culinary abilities and we aim to deliver the same exceptional quality dishes each and every time. We also aim to continuously maintain the same, much-loved atmosphere at JEREMIE RESTAURANT. »