IMG_0495October 2015

Chef Jeremie Tourdjman, owner and master chef of JEREMIE RESTAURANT, received a rave review and another Point from Gault Millau in October. Jeremie Tourdjman has pioneered luxurious bistro inspired foods according to Gault Millau, who was most impressed with JEREMIE RESTAURANT. He has succeeded Roland Durand and has done so without trying to imitate the work of his opponents. Furthermore, it is Gault Millau’s opinion that he does so flawlessly.

It is for this very reason that the JEREMIE RESTAURANT has received its second Gault Millau Point. These points are awarded according to the quality of the food and other aspects such as service, atmosphere and price are graded separately. Obtaining Gault Millau points proves to be quite the undertaking as grading takes place solely on the quality of the food.

JEREMIE RESTAURANT is a smart casual bistro which fills the street with a charm second to none. What can you expect from their extraordinary menu? Ravioli of langoustine, or sweetbreads sautéed in frozen vegetable juice and wonderfully prepared salmon are only some of the delectable options.

Good classic desserts include options such as brioche toast soaked in a wonderful yarrow salted butter caramel sauce. There is also an attractive lunch menu and not to mention a wine cellar to cater for every palette.

Ultimately, Chef Jeremie aims to create one of the finest restaurants in Paris. Reviews on the JEREMIE RESTAURANT claim one will always find the service to be friendly and professional and that what sets JEREMIE Restaurant apart from the rest, is its unique atmosphere which creates a relaxed, alluring environment.

At JEREMIE RESTAURANT, they believe in only the best quality ingredients. That’s why all the ingredients are locally sourced. The menu therefore changes with the season. However, the menu is set according to diverse tastes and textures which complement one another, ensuring you always receive a unique, beautifully prepared dish from JEREMIE RESTAURANT.

Thus it is the opinion of Gault Millau that JEREMIE RESTAURANT is a top-quality, unique addition to the restaurant scene in Paris.

Chef Jeremie Tourdjman commented on receiving the above award: “We’re pleased to have won this award, it’s a testament to our culinary abilities and we aim to deliver the same exceptional quality dishes each and every time. We also aim to continuously maintain the same, much-loved atmosphere at JEREMIE RESTAURANT. »

PARISIAN CHEF Jeremie Tourdjman gives insight into fine dining

September 2015

JÉRÉMIE TOURDJMAN, chef and owner at the one of the leading bistronomic restaurants in Paris, France, reveals the key features behind establishing a fancy restaurant. His gastro-bistro, Jeremie Restaurant, epitomises fine dining in a casual setting, using the finest, freshest ingredients.

The Michelin 2 forks-rated Jeremie Restaurant is a perfect example of what key features make a restaurant fancy. According to Chef Jeremie, fine dining is epitomised by high-quality, healthy food made from local produce, products that are in their natural state, food that is always gourmet and never excessive, dishes that are refined and precise and a dining experience that offers personalised service and an elegant atmosphere.

Other characteristics separate a fancy restaurant from a regular one. At a fancy restaurant, a sommelier will usually prime your wine glass in order to ensure nothing else interferes with the taste of the wine. Similarly, high-quality silverware elevates a restaurant from casual to gastronomic. Service is a big game changer in terms of ‘fancy’ or not. At an upmarket establishment, service is top notch and the guests are generally served simultaneously; the waiters usually pull out your chair for you too. It simply involves greater attention to detail all round.

Eating is as much a visual pleasure as it is a feast for the taste buds and, as a result, food presentation has evolved into somewhat of an art. Research has shown that dishes which look better, actually taste better too. In collusion with this, Restaurant Jeremie presents its food beautifully, yet with artful simplicity.

Chef Jeremie believes that presentation of food and a constantly fluid menu are other key features which define a fancy restaurant. The menu in his restaurant changes approximately every six to eight weeks, which ensures it remains innovative and keeps people coming back for more; it also ensures a seasonal menu. He designs his menu according to this simple principle: A product should be offered when it’s at its best.

To experience fine dining at its best, visit Restaurant Jeremie in central Paris, France.

Tasty recipe ideas for a fine picnic lunch from Jeremie, a top Paris chef

There’s nothing much better than a tasty picnic lunch enjoyed in the midst of a beautiful summer’s day. However, ready-made sandwiches, boiled eggs and soggy fruit are considered altogether passé in today’s world of fine dining and gastronomic delights. Chef Jeremie Tourdjman, of the top-class bistronomic RESTAURANT JEREMIE, in central Paris, advises using the freshest in-season ingredients you can find to put together a delicious picnic lunch.

Chef Jeremie’s motto is “eat a product when it’s at its best” and that applies to alfresco dining as well. According to him, culinary talent is nothing without top quality products. So keep this in mind when shopping for ingredients for your lunch.

Many restaurant-style meals can be adapted into picnic-friendly versions. For example, Chef Jeremie recommends his crispy vegetable tart, with artichokes and fresh cheese as a delicious and light picnic meal, which can easily be packed up into a picnic basket and eaten with your hands. Another picnic-perfect recipe is the appetising combo of Viande Des Grisons (a type of beef prosciutto speciality from the Alps) and Beaufort Cheese, accompanied by multi-coloured radishes. The Viande Des Grisons is also delicious served with crispy bread, melon or other fresh fruit.

For dessert, Chef Jeremie suggests a Brie de Meaux (cheese made in the town of Meaux, in the Brie region) with truffles.

For a well-rounded, Parisian-style picnic, accompany these delicious recipes with a fresh-from-the-bakery baguette, a few other cheeses, such as a Camembert or a Roquefort and charcuterie (cured meats).

Of course, don’t forget a good bottle of wine – a crisp and zesty white is the best companion to a fine picnic lunch, or if you’re feeling especially festive, splash out on Champagne.

When you tire of dining alfresco and long for a tablecloth and silverware, book a table at RESTAURANT JEREMIE in Paris, today.

Fine dining in Paris: What is a Bistronomic Restaurant?

Bistronomic cuisine was born when talented chefs became bored with the stuffy style, pomp and splendour surrounding top French restaurants but still wanted to offer top-quality, seasonal food – and the result was bistronomic cuisine. It is summed up as casual fine dining and is the combination of bistro-style eating and gastronomical fare. The key words associated with a bistronomic restaurant are “experimental,” “haute cuisine” and “affordable.” Bistronomic restaurants are renowned for using innovative cooking techniques and ingredients and for having chefs who are more accessible to their patrons.

While fancier and more traditional French restaurants are rated with Michelin stars, an age-old grading system, the bistronomic movement has its own guide – Le Fooding. Founded in 2000 by Alexandre Cammas and Emmanuel Rubin, the idea behind Le Fooding is that eating is an experience which combines both food and feeling. Significantly, there is no rating system.

It is also common to have an open-kitchen layout and communal tables in bistronomic restaurants, giving a more informal feel and adding a sense of freedom to the eating experience. In fact, bistronomic restaurants have been said to have revolutionised eating in France and the trend has spread globally like wildfire.

One such bistronomic restaurant is Chef Jeremie Tourdjman’s, RESTAURANT JEREMIE in Paris, France. His gastro-bistro falls firmly into the bistronomic category and it offers a combination of friendly ambience with light and flavourful cuisine. Situated close to the Arc de Triomphe in central Paris, the restaurant combines classic and modern minimalist décor which echoes the bistronomic fare and creates a sense of timelessness.

RESTAURANT JEREMIE will not disappoint and foodies across the globe will be enamoured by its traditional cuisine offered in such a contemporary style. Chef Jeremie imaginatively revamps sauces and side dishes and uses only high-quality, seasonal produce.

If the bistronomic trend has whet your appetite, book a table at RESTAURANT JEREMIE in Paris today