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Looking for a great restaurant to wine and dine at in Paris ? Your best bet is to hop online and read some reviews by real people.

At RESTAURANT JEREMIE, we pride ourselves on offering great meals and a personal experience at affordable prices. Many of our patrons post thank you messages on our online social media profiles and other online rating websites such as Trip Advisor. We would like to thank each and every person who took the time to post a positive review online and we would like to share some of these reviews with our readers:







As you can see, many people are enjoying the ambience, food and service at our restaurant.

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Can you experience the best French restaurants in Paris on a daily basis and stay healthy?

A certain gourmet chef has serious concerns about your health. Diabetes is a rising concern for many people across the globe and it’s important that chefs, food suppliers and other dining establishments consider the health of their customers and patrons when they prepare dishes.

Chef Jeremie, a renowned chef in Paris, feels that eating great food doesn’t mean you have to forego a healthy alternative. A great meal can taste fantastic and be healthy at the same time. With so many people suffering from high cholesterol, weight issues and blood sugar levels, we’ve reached a point where chefs need to go back to the drawing board and focus on creating amazing meals that don’t put people’s lives at risk.

Things have definitely started to change in the hospitality industry as well as the restaurant business. These days, the highest quality cuisine is also, in fact, the healthiest. Gone are the days where chefs would focus on including as much sugar or fattening ingredients as possible to improve the taste of the dish – today, reputable chefs focus on providing great tasting meals with only the highest quality produce available. Many people can have daily restaurant meals without gaining extra weight or increasing their risk of Diabetes.

If you are able to have lunch or dinner at RESTAURANT JEREMIE, you will see Chef Jeremie is particularly aware of this and is very involved in providing patrons with healthy meals. His dishes are definitely a testament to the fact that chefs are placing more emphasis on providing healthy meals to their guests. Chef Jeremie focuses on the following when creating healthy, creative meals at his restaurant, which is one of the best French restaurants in Paris:

  • High quality, fresh and local produce. Thanks to the level of quality, Chef Jeremie doesn’t have to use oil or sugar to compensate for any lack of taste.
  • Products which are in their natural state (such as fish, meat, vegetables or fruit) for balanced meals.
  • Original flavours, thanks to a lack of oil and sugar in the meals.

It’s important to note that not all sugar and fat is bad. While Chef Jeremie doesn’t use saturated fat or sucrose, he does flavour his food with natural sugars (from fruit, for example).

Well prepared food made from high quality ingredients is good for your health. Eating meals such as the ones prepared at RESTAURANT JEREMIE, is a much better option for your health than fast food or packaged food. Not only is this food healthier, but it’s also competitively priced so that it makes sense for people to eat out on a daily basis. An appetizer and entrée at RESTAURANT JEREMIE, for example, would be priced at €30 and an appetizer, entrée and dessert would be approximately €40. Even by eating his meals on a daily basis, you would not exceed any calorie or weight-related targets.

If you’re interested in eating at a restaurant where healthy meals are prepared by an experienced and talented chef, then RESTAURANT JEREMIE is for you.

His motto is:

“Eat well & be healthy”.

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Insights into fine dining in Paris: What is the difference between a gourmet chef and a chef?

France and particularly Paris are internationally acclaimed for their number of fine dining establishments. When people think of the French, they think of high fashion, beautiful people, romantic places and of course good food. Many people travelling to France and Paris use the internet, social media and reputed guides (such as the Michelin Guide) to treat themselves to a fantastic meal whilst in the region.

When looking for a place to dine which not only has a warm, friendly environment but also fantastic gastronomic cuisine at a reasonable price, you’re going to have to narrow down your search results to find the real gems. One of these gems is RESTAURANT JEREMIE.

RESTAURANT JEREMIE is located in a scenic, popular area near the Trocadero as well as the Arc De Triomphe. Often frequented by tourists in the area, due to the popularity of the nearby attractions, a quaint restaurant, beautiful environment that is ideal for a great meal. When you visit RESTAURANT JEREMIE, you can expect a fantastic fare experienced combined with efficient, personal service in a nicely decorated environment. While we’re always busy, we never overbook our restaurant so you will be able to socialise with your friends, family or colleagues with ease throughout your fine dining experience.

So the question remains, what makes a gourmet chef? Chef Jeremie is a gourmet chef and according to him (as well as the criteria many restaurants in Paris use to classify chefs), this is what it means:

  • High quality, healthy food

As far as health and quality are concerned, the food made at Chef Jeremie’s restaurant has to be of the same calibre as the food he would prepare at home. Every dish at RESTAURANT JEREMIE can be eaten without feeling bloated or getting a sluggish sensation.

  • Personalised service

RESTAURANT JEREMIE prides itself on its individuality. During your meal, Chef Jeremie will come and greet each and every guest to find out if the establishment is meeting the client’s expectations. Chef Jeremie is always eager to receive feedback from patrons or answer any questions a guest may have.

  • Daily pleasures

A chef is a talented professional, but a gourmet chef considers a fine dining experience something which isn’t necessarily a ‘special event’, but something that can be enjoyed on a daily basis by anyone.

At RESTAURANT JEREMIE, you can eat a top quality gourmet lunch for approximately €40. If you’re looking for an exceptional, value-for-money fine dining experience in Paris, then book a table at RESTAURANT JEREMIE.