JEREMIE RESTAURANT receives an honorable Michelin notation

June 2015

RESTAURANT JEREMIE, one of the leading restaurants in Paris, received an honourable ‘2 Forks’ notation only eight months after opening its doors. The Michelin Guide is over 100 years old and is one of the most noteworthy accolades that any chef can add to his or her list of achievements.

While Michelin Stars are usually based on food, the “forks and spoons” rating focuses on the experience that the establishment offers its patrons. In order to receive a 2 fork rating, the designated Michelin employee needed to visit RESTAURANT JEREMIE and reflect on the comfort, luxuries and atmosphere of the restaurant.

“One of my foremost goals with RESTAURANT JEREMIE was to be able to offer customers fine dining in a relaxed, warm and friendly environment. The 2 forks rating shows that we have achieved this vision,” comments Chef Jérémie Tourdjman.

Fresh podded peas.
Fresh podded peas.

The Michelin employee came to visit the restaurant unexpectedly, which is common practice with these ratings. Tourdjman says that the experience that the establishment offers has remained consistent, since it opened until this day.

“We received the visit in February 2015, only eight months after the grand opening of RESTAURANT JEREMIE. Since inception, I’ve focused on hiring staff who are client-centric and able to ensure that patrons are welcomed and that they have a good time,” says Tourdjman.

Tourdjman is very involved with the day-to-day management of the restaurant, the menu and the dishes that are offer. The menu changes regularly in order to keep regular clients on their toes and in order to ensure that new, seasonal dishes are always popping up on the menu. The attention that the restaurant has drawn in the press and from formal institutions such as Michelin is a testament to the professionalism, experience and culinary excellence that is on offer at RESTAURANT JEREMIE.

Cushion of veal tartar, capers & vitello tonato dressing.
Cushion of veal tartar, capers & vitello tonato dressing.

Handing over one’s cooking skills and knowledge; why training new generations is important

Chef Jeremie is one of the few chefs in the world who understands the unique and important value of mentoring. Even though he is only 28, Chef Jeremie considers professional mentoring and training to be one of the most important contributing factors to becoming a great chef.

In order to uplift the entire culinary industry and empower younger chefs to push the boundaries, chefs need to pass on the techniques, skills and knowledge they have learned over the course of their careers.

Chef Jeremie’s training started when he was only 16 years old. Despite his young age, he was able to move through the ranks of formal education and practical training, leading him to build up a solid 12 years’ experience so far. Chef Jeremie is of the opinion that while education is important, young chefs must never disregard the value of the practical knowledge they can obtain by shadowing chefs and working in a restaurant kitchen.

Chef Jeremie studied at the renowned Fernandi Cuisine College and was able to gain practical knowledge by working at famous restaurants and he feels this combination of academics and in-house training is the only way for chefs to realise and reach their full potential. To this day, he continues to use the tips and skills he learned years ago while working at these well-respected establishments.

Chef Jeremie was able to achieve a high level of success at a young age and it is for this reason he decided to replicate this business model and hire young chef apprentices at JEREMIE RESTAURANT. The responsibility of mentoring, teaching, sharing tips and knowledge he has accumulated over the years is in his hands and he is more than willing to pass this on to the young apprentices in his kitchen.

He is deeply involved in the mentoring and training aspects which take place in his kitchen. He takes particular care in combining practical and theoretical training to give younger chefs the tools they to take their skills to the next level. Chef Jeremie knows by being a demanding restaurant owner and manager, he can inspire younger students to be the best they can be.

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Be a better chef with these simple cooking tips from a top French restaurant close to the Trocadero in Paris

Does preparing a gourmet meal for your family sound like something that requires a lot of research, planning and technique? Becoming a better chef starts with empowering yourself with the right knowledge.

Acclaimed chef and restaurant owner, Chef Jeremie, is of the opinion that being a good household cook is usually just a matter of using common sense and combining it with some tried and tested tips from the pros. He has listed a few tips any avid cook can incorporate into their food preparation in order to instantly become a better chef.

Cooking tip for meat:

Many people enjoy meat, but don’t always feel like preparing and eating it because it can often be too fatty. A smart way to remove the excess fat is to pour the run-off into a jar when you are busy cooking the meat. Once the juice cools down, you can split the fat from the rest of the juice. This ensures your meat has the right level of moisture without the fattiness that many people are trying to cut out of their diets.

Make a sauce:

Are you a fan of emulsion sauces such as Hollandaise or Béarnaise sauces? These sauces are often a bit tricky, but Chef Jeremie says the key lies in getting the temperature exactly right. In order to experiment with the temperature, put one hand on the edge of your pan while you are making or heating up the sauce. If you feel the heat of the pan is becoming too uncomfortable, this is an indication that the temperature is too high for a perfect emulsion sauce. It takes some chefs years to realise this tip, but now you’ve got inside knowledge to get the job done perfectly the first time around.

Optimise the content in your fridge

If you’ve got leftover vegetables or fresh vegetables you don’t like eating raw, cook them in aromatised water (with the spice of your choice) in order to get a great-smelling and healthy homemade stock, which works well with raviolis or meat dishes.

Leftover fish and meat can also be used to create your own homemade stuffing. Simply put the leftover cuts in a grinder for a mouth-watering stuffing of your choice and inserting this into spring vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchinis and eggplants. This is a healthy, fat-free way to cook up a delicious, balanced meal for your friends and family.

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