Attending catering college to become a chef, what a famous restaurant in Paris has to say

Chef Jeremie studied at the famous French Cuisine School Gregoire Ferrandi before becoming a chef. This institution is one of the most renowned schools in France and numerous European and Asian students are working tirelessly in order to gain entrance to study at this prestigious school.

In order to attend this excellent school, you need to have an authentic and real passion for cooking as well as a strong desire to succeed in your studies. Becoming a chef means making sacrifices and working long hours (such as 14 hour work days), so only the truly committed are able to keep up the pace.

Gregoire Ferrandi offers a five year training programme. The culinary school is called École Supérieure de Cuisine Française and offers three areas of training and specialisation within each area, namely culinary arts (which includes: catering, pastry, baking and cooking), restaurant management and finally craftsmanship and interior design. The success rate for job placement after completing the programme is 90%, which shows that these students are seen as very capable chefs once completing their studies.

Chef Jeremie passed the course with flying colours and received a special distinction for his degree, making him one of the youngest, most qualified students. In addition to this, he has been doing ongoing training and gaining practical experience at some of the top 20 French restaurants, including Le Carré Des Feuillants, a Michelin Guide 2 star rated restaurant in Paris as well as Le Louis XV in Monaco, a Michelin Guide 3 star rated restaurant.

According to Chef Jeremie, passion, hard work and a solid educational experience at a school of such stature is the only way to become a good chef. In his opinion, Gregoire Ferrandi School provides a reliable general and classical French cuisine education.

After graduating from this institution, each student is a capable chef. Each and every one will still have to incorporate their own talents and inspiration into the classic menus that they have learned throughout their studies. This is exactly what Chef Jeremie has been doing at his own eponymous restaurant.

His natural talent for balancing different ingredients, flavours, tastes and textures is what sets his restaurant apart from the others. It makes the restaurant a classic-special and contemporary one while simultaneously suggesting a French Bistronomic Cuisine experience. In order to get a feel for the types of dishes at RESTAURANT JEREMIE, take a look at the menu.

The subtle combination and experiences guests at the restaurant are able to have, has led him to receive a special mention in the Michelin Guide and a congratulatory letter from the Mayor of Paris. Take a look at the press section on our website.

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Handing over one’s cooking skills and knowledge; why training new generations is important

Chef Jeremie is one of the few chefs in the world who understands the unique and important value of mentoring. Even though he is only 28, Chef Jeremie considers professional mentoring and training to be one of the most important contributing factors to becoming a great chef.

In order to uplift the entire culinary industry and empower younger chefs to push the boundaries, chefs need to pass on the techniques, skills and knowledge they have learned over the course of their careers.

Chef Jeremie’s training started when he was only 16 years old. Despite his young age, he was able to move through the ranks of formal education and practical training, leading him to build up a solid 12 years’ experience so far. Chef Jeremie is of the opinion that while education is important, young chefs must never disregard the value of the practical knowledge they can obtain by shadowing chefs and working in a restaurant kitchen.

Chef Jeremie studied at the renowned Fernandi Cuisine College and was able to gain practical knowledge by working at famous restaurants and he feels this combination of academics and in-house training is the only way for chefs to realise and reach their full potential. To this day, he continues to use the tips and skills he learned years ago while working at these well-respected establishments.

Chef Jeremie was able to achieve a high level of success at a young age and it is for this reason he decided to replicate this business model and hire young chef apprentices at JEREMIE RESTAURANT. The responsibility of mentoring, teaching, sharing tips and knowledge he has accumulated over the years is in his hands and he is more than willing to pass this on to the young apprentices in his kitchen.

He is deeply involved in the mentoring and training aspects which take place in his kitchen. He takes particular care in combining practical and theoretical training to give younger chefs the tools they to take their skills to the next level. Chef Jeremie knows by being a demanding restaurant owner and manager, he can inspire younger students to be the best they can be.

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Lunch Menu

Since Thursday is public holiday Chef Jeremie takes decision to suggest Lunch Menu one day earlier. Take a look at it ! Available from tomorrow Tuesday. Bon appétit!!

Menu déjeuner Du 12 au 19 MAI

Entrée /plat ou plat /dessert 30€
Entrée/ plat/ dessert 40€

Velouté glacé d’asperges infusées à la menthe fraiche
Salpicon de crevettes roses et pamplemousse, avocat et crème de tête comme une sauce cocktail

Orzotto crémeux aux asperges, jus de volaille et
tuile au parmesan
Suprême de volaille jaune des landes grillée, fricassée de courgettes et sauce vierge

Crottin de chavignol, Brillat-savarin, beaufort et salade en vinaigrette a l’échalote
Sablé breton, compotée de rhubarbes et glace à la verveine


Mayor of Paris compliments JEREMIE RESTAURANT on food and fine dining experience

May 2015

Following an article in the renowned Paris Premiere TV Chain, the mayor of Paris – Anne Hidalgo – Chef Jeremie Tourdjman warmly supported in posting this personal letter. This, in order to pay her tribute congratulate & _him_.

« It was an honor to receive Such a testimony & I am very pleased That Was Mrs. Hidalgo ble to take time out of her busy schedule to sign this letter Personally, » Said Mrs. Tourdjman before adding Hidalgo complimented the friendly service and quality of food as well.

Off record, « The mayor PARTICULARLY Was impressed by waiters efficiency, food quality Noted by food critics of this famous TV broadcast & Was ble to rank the restaurant as a valuable one, » says Chef Jeremie.

Chef Jeremie’s goal Was to create one of the best fine dining eateries in Paris and this ACKNOWLEDGMENT from the mayor is a testament to His Success. What makes different from JEREMIE RESTAURANT –other acclaimed restaurants is the atmosphere and ambiance is relaxed, inviting and pleasant in addition to an enjoyable French Cuisine.

« Too many fine dining establishments in France Focus on Creating a formal atmosphere While this is definitely not a bad thing, we Decided to break out of this mold and we focus Offering top-quality food and friendly, attentive service -. Things That Were two PARTICULARLY pleasing to the mayor, « comments Tourdjman.

At JEREMIE RESTAURANT, all the ingredients are locally sourced and the menu item along exchange With Each season. The different tastes and textures are all expertly paired and matched in order to Provide top ranks of the dishes are in perfect harmony That.

« If you’re looking for a restaurant in Paris That offers original, extraordinary culinary experiences, Then It Would Be worth your while to see what all the magazine reviews are about and visit JEREMIE RESTAURANT, » Concluded, as Chef Jeremie hand.

Be a better chef with these simple cooking tips from a top French restaurant close to the Trocadero in Paris

Want to be a better chef? Chef Jeremie from JEREMIE RESTAURANT often gives tips to people who are interested in cooking. His Trocadero restaurant is listed as one of the best fine dining eateries in Paris and while you don’t need formal training to be a good chef, there are a few simple things you can do to improve your skills in the kitchen:

Choose seasonal ingredients

Choose ingredients that are in season. In spring time, for example, Chef Jeremie serves what everyone feels like eating, such as vegetable based dishes, fruits and light dressings. An example of a spring meal at JEREMIE RESTAURANT is royal green peas, crumbed crab with a light curry dressing and herb salad, or a Fricassée of Provence asparagus with mushrooms, crispy eggs and smoked bacon. Chef Jeremie does a lot of planning to make sure that each menu is seasonal.

Ingredient pairing and taste

Getting the exact combination of different tastes and ingredients right is crucial. In order to offer exquisite dishes, the taste combinations need to be strong, logical and seasonal. The different tastes and items offered in dishes need to be perfectly matched to one another in order to provide a meal that is in total harmony. The more natural the taste combinations are, the better the final product of the meal.

Pairing ingredients and tastes doesn’t prevent Chef Jeremie from providing original, extraordinary culinary experiences though. If you are fond of fish, we suggest cod fish fillet with warm quinoa and Mikado dressing or, rosemary prawns, ravioli and American bisque. If red meat is more your style, you could try our amazing soft garlic roasted Pyrenean baby lamb, eggplant caviar and Medjoul dates. Another favourite is the free-range pork chops, meadow morels with cream sauce and green peas.

Chef Jeremie’s philosophy of providing nice and attractive cuisine is based on a unique balance of good, seasonal ingredients originality. Try to implement this style at home in order to get a feel of the food that can be found at RESTAURANT JEREMIE.


Chef Jeremie is very good at combining the different textures of food, such as softness, mouth melting and crispness, in order to offer a complete harmonious eating experience. Try his 75% Cocoa Black Tanzanian chocolate fondant or the Bourbon vanilla millefeuille and butterscotch sauce. These delectable desserts will give you a good idea of the different textures you need to experience when eating.

Chef Jeremie has worked tirelessly in many prestigious restaurants, travelling the world to create one-of-a-kind, attractive dishes. Culinary experience and a culturally rich outlook on life laid the foundations for the unique, seasonal dishes you will experience at RESTAURANT JEREMIE.

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