The French chef from Restaurant Jeremie gives advice on how to match your wine with your courses

The way Chef Jeremie, ranked in the top 50 by Trip Advisor community among 13,000 restaurants in Paris, combines wine with dishes is actually quite simple and easy to understand. As an experienced chef and restaurant owner, Chef Jeremie has to know exactly which wine compliments each and every dish he offers.

Chef Jeremie organizes a number of wine tasting events with wine producers and suppliers in France. Jeremie’s experience in the food industry, coupled with his humble nature, has led to a number of great friendships between him and wine producers.

Chef Jeremie has mastered the art of matching wines with seasonal menu dishes and his experience enables him to create exquisite, balanced gourmet sensations. Clients from all over the world trust him to pair the right wine with the right dish when they dine at Restaurant Jeremie.

One of the ways that Chef Jeremie is able to match wine and dishes so perfectly is by focusing on the ingredients of each dish and finding a wine that will complement the dish. This type of focus and awareness is only possible when you’re eating dishes that have been made from top quality produce.

Here are some of the pointers that Chef Jeremie offers for wine pairing:

  • A strong & full-bodied wine matches perfectly with game (when in season).
  • A sweet & mild wine is the one to drink with Foie Gras or dessert.
  • If you are eating fish, try a white or a rosé wine.

Chef Jeremie’s biggest word of advice when it comes to choosing a quality wine is not to focus on the price, but focus on educating yourself about the various flavors.

Chef Jeremie’s favorite wine is Bordeaux wine. To be specific, Saint Julien is the vineyard that has captured Jeremie’s heart.  You find in Saint Julien all the typical components of Bordeaux soil – it is a strong and amazing wine. While it is not a full-bodied wine, it is a wine full of character.

This is Chef Jeremie’s choice!

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